New England
Hiking Holidays

Country Inn, Guided Hiking and Walking Holidays • 2014

about us - 30 years on the trails

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New England HikingWould you enjoy?
• Exploring maple-lined country lanes and historic carriage roads with
  ancient stone walls and covered bridges
• Hiking a richly diverse coastline of redwood groves, majestic bluffs,
  golden hills and pristine beaches
• Reaching scenic mountaintop vistas
• Following a lush rain-forest trail with its infinite shades of green
• Listening to the thunder of cascading waterfalls

New England Hiking Holidays offers all this and more as we explore some of the most beautiful places to hike in the United States and abroad!

From hundreds of options, we have selected a wide variety of routes, from challenging to leisurely. Our hikes and walks cover around 5 to 9 miles a day and our 2 guides per trip allow for faster or slower paces. This enables us to accommodate people of all ages and hiking experience, from the seasoned to the first-time hiker!

The thrill of reaching a spectacular viewpoint or thundering waterfall is only part of the story. We also take the time to notice the things that we find along the trail, from a rare orchid to deer or moose tracks!

Levels of Hiking and Walking
Hiking and WalkingEach day we offer an easy to moderate walk or hike, as well as a more challenging option. Our two guides per trip give us great flexibility in meeting the needs of our guests. An easy to moderate route involves 5 to 6 miles a day with elevation gains of no more than app. 800 feet. Altitude and terrain does vary by location, with some tours offering more days of “back-road” walking than others. Hikers who choose harder routes should expect up to 9 miles with greater elevation changes.
We also offer our “Walking through History” tour that is geared for a more leisurely experience.
If you have questions about a specific trip, please give us a call at 1-800-869-0949.

Who hikes with us is a difficult question to answer. Groups are generally a mix of couples, singles and some families. Hikers of all ages and hiking abilities enjoy our trips every year. The diversity of our groups is something that we, and, we are told, our hikers enjoy. If traveling alone, ours is a great holiday to try; almost half our hikers fall into this category.

We also arrange custom tours tailored to meet your needs.

**  Call Us 800 869 0949

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